Do you sometimes ask yourself…  is there more to this life and existence than eat, sleep, work, repeat? Do you keep finding yourself in the same habits always reverting back to old negative tendencies. Yoyo diets, terrible relationships, self doubt, working too hard and living only for the weekend. Do you feel that time is simply going to fast, can it feel like you’re running out of it and how much of it is truly sticking?


Well, I was faced with all those feelings and questions and I knew then, that something had to change. I didn’t know where to start, what a “start” even looked like, where it could be found or how to do it. Only an inner knowing of a stronger force at work, I had to believe and trust!


I had it all, all “boxes” ticked but I would cry every day and not know why. I had climbed a ladder, was on a ladder but felt low, alone and lost. I had lost sight of myself and my soul. With a knowing there had to be more to this life than only this, I quit everything, left everyone and ventured into a journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of true, authentic, lasting HAPPINESS!


I had changed jobs, houses, destinations, MEN, and nothing was my complete. Nothing brought me home, but then YOGA! I was fortunate enough to travel India for 2 months and complete my Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh,India, the birth place of Yoga.


There I came back to myself, through the practice of yoga and completing all that we do with consistency and excellence I healed myself from the inside out. Happiness in this existence does not come externally, however we weren't taught how to be connected, we aren't given the tools to find the answers internally. If the tools are there, they aren't approachable and sometimes can be intimidating or feared as they are the unknown.


I recognised that the woman I saw one day, I wasn’t going to get there by doing what I was doing and had to change it all. It is through my journey, traveling the world solo for 2 years, taking 2 steps forward and 5 back, seeing myself through the eyes of others, that I learnt life’s lessons and took the steps today for a better me, tomorrow. To be more conscious about the choices I make in shaping the person who I choose to be. I wanted to take all that learning and knowledge to share it with others, helping others to do what I had achieved and provide them with the tools to happiness and oneness.


Only when we shift our perspective can we begin to see the beauty all around us and truly LIVE and not EXIST in this life.


To LOVE the LIFE we lead, and feel the MAGIC.

just curious?