it starts with you.

Take action today for a better you tomorrow. Getting out of bed, to the books, to the gym or to the mat can be a challenge. Finding the internal motivation and over powering the inner demon voice is how we can overcome. The result, feeling so much better on the other side. Just as energy feeds energy, good habits and health feeds into motivation and internal determination. Now, more than ever you can create the space to invest more time into you. Start today, be the change. Take steps today your future self will thank you for. 


Choose your breaths is designed around mastering different breathing techniques to help manage and handle all scenarios in life. I will share the techniques to cool the body, heat the body, help against insomnia, depression, anxiety, hypertension, digestion, hyperactive minds. 


We only get so many breaths in this life, we need to learn how to make them last. How to choose your breaths wisely. 


Floss the mind, is designed as a meditation program exploring the mind and the battles we face in a modern day mindset. Living in an age of the internet, social media and instant gratification - switching off the mind can be impossible. The classes help to learn the importance of slowing the mind down. How to focus, concentrate, be present, allowing you to silence the noise, be in the now and listen to the mind.

Using different practices such as guided meditations, yoga nidra and breathing techniques.




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