Image by Paweł Czerwiński

come yoga with me

I'd love for you to join me in person. Getting out of bed, to the books, to the gym or to the mat can be a challenge. Finding the internal motivation and over powering the inner demon voice is how we can overcome. The result, feeling so much better on the other side. Just as energy feeds energy, good habits and health feeds into motivation and internal determination. Now, more than ever you can create the space to invest more time into you. Start today, be the change. Do something today your future self will thank you for. 

This summer I will be hosting outside sessions at Papamoa Domain Beach and the Waterford Downs Reserve Park, on the corner of Grenada and Pacific View. 


Yin ANd Nidra.

My Yin and Nidra classes are seen to be a group healing session. Yoga nidra is a form of yogic sleep and guided meditation, through the practice it allows you to transcend from your conscious mind, into the sub-conscious mind. Here were able to release anything that no longer serves us and plant an intention we wish to blossom in the conscious mind. During the practice I lead you through different yin postures, releasing body techniques, breathing practices and story telling to take you on a healing journey.  


Join for a class at Waterford Downs Reserve Park, on the corner of Grenada and Pacific View Road: 

Wednesday, 18:30

Step out of your own way, and surrender to your destiny. Namaste. Email me to save your space. 


Yoga isn't simply about the movement but about finding the unity of your body, breath and being. Being present in every movement that you make. 

Each of my flows are curated to bring you back to yourself and your soul. I teach on all levels and my flows are navigated upon the feel of the day, room and sometimes even weather. 

Find your flow is a hatha based practice allowing you to internalise, increase mobility, flexibility and self awareness. 

Check me out at Papamoa Domain Beach, and the Waterford Downs Reserve Beach: 

Tuesday's at 05:45 and Thursdays at 09:00.


Reach out.