Be the best version of you, FOR YOU!
It can take so much to see an end goal, but how do we begin to take the steps in the direction we wish to be facing. The answer is simple, it’s just one step at a time and it starts right here, right now, with YOU.

Join me live here in Papamoa, or you will find free guided meditations on my Instagram page to get you started on your yoga journey. 

Online videos for more flows and extended online programs are coming soon. 6 week Mini Retreat series starting January 18th. 

with the flow

Finding the union of the mind, the body, the breath and in turn the emotions. 

Move your body to open up space in your head, heart and being. 

Open Flow - Open flow allows you to tailor the movement to align intention with your flow, to stabilise and mobilise.

Mandala Flow - Mandala flow is a full rounded yoga journey. Taking you up and down your mat, opening your perspective, practice and horizons.

Join me in person on Thursdays if you can, if not online is coming soon. 

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Define meditation. We all have our own forms of outlet, it is OK where ever you can find yourself in that state of bliss and peace. If being in your own silence is sometimes a challenge, then these 10 - 15 mins sessions of guided meditations will be perfect for you. 

You'll be able to find guided practices on my Instagram, you can be anywhere, at anytime and plug back into yourself. 

A grounding practice to set yourself up from the inside out.


We can have the knowledge, get caught in the "I know" trap, we can do "the work" and go through the motions, yet until we come into "the being" the energy we project out will not be aligned. 

This shift needs to happen at a sub-conscious level. I will have these sessions available in person on Thursdays, and on my Instagram. 

Soul Ascension Nidra - This session is a transformative intention setting journey. I will lead you through a mix of pranayama, asana, meditation techniques and a guided yoga Nidra meditation. The class is a truly unique and soul expansive journey.

Yoga Nidra - This session is a guided form of yogic sleep. Allowing you to transcend your conscious mind, transition through the unconscious mind, delving deep into the sub conscious mind. Here you are able to release what doesn't serve you and plant an intention to blossom into the conscious existence. 


Try it out today