Image by Paweł Czerwiński

immersive SOUND HEALING.

Tune in to your internal rhythms, vibration, and frequency. Sound is the base of the universe, from there came the light and transformed into life and the matter that we are. Through sound healing we can feel that sense of surrender to finding your natural flow. We all carry our very own unique music expression, through sound healing we can raise our own vibration and frequency, healing both the physical and mental bodies.

The technique uses the power of sound and energy to restore your mind, body and soul back to a state of balance. The harmonic vibrations from the instruments have a deep penetrating effect, promoting healing, well-being and restoration.


The sessions will be based on 2 styles of practices. One of which targeting different chakras within the body and energy streams within the mind using the bowls and unique techniques. The second, a one on one personal sound immersion and healing experience. 

The singing bowls acts as a gateway into your energy body and into healing you of on higher frequency. It's within the energy body that we are able to shift unwanted trauma, habits and patterns to then open up space for light and create the life you deserve.


All you have to do is show up for yourself, step out of your own way, trust and surrender to the journey and open up to the healing power of the bowls. Sasha leads the session using both the bowls, her narrative and your own personal mantra. 

Heal the mental and physical body.

This is a tailored one on one experience with Sash. Through understanding your journey and what it is you might wish to unfold or work on Sasha will use the different bowls and different techniques to heal and unlock energy within your body. 

Sometimes doing the conscious work can be challenging or invasive, our mind and ego can block our memories and wounds. Allowing your mind to release and open up can be overwhelming, sound healing is an instant pathway into the rhythms, vibrations and frequency of your energy body. 

immersive sound experience.

You may not know what it is you wish to work on, you might be at the start of your healing journey and not know where to begin or you might just not know how to quiet your mind. 

Here Sasha will work with both her Tibetan and crystal bowls to give you a fully immersive sound healing experience. Allow the bowls to simply do their work clearing and releasing that that no longer serves you. This can be done one on one, but also as a group session. 

Please contact Sasha if you're curious or to know more. 


make a shift today.