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Online at home

For me the most amount of growth came through for a full integration of flow, stillness and grounding into spiritual and authentic practice. I also appreciate that life is busy, which is why I will offer a range of allocated time so if you have 10 mins or 75 mins, there is something for you. I will be hosting group healing and soul ascension session, meditation, yoga nidra, pranayama and flow classes. You will have access to the live sessions and 2 weeks access to my on demand database, with 6 sessions a week there will always be something for you to plug into when its your time to come to the mat.

Sound Healing

Sound is the language of the soul. Sound healing is the gateway to the subconscious programming of your energy centres and Chakras. Sometimes doing the conscious work can be challenging, and allowing your mind to open up and release can feel overwhelming. Sound healing is an instant pathway into the rhythms, vibrations and frequency of your energy body

ONE ON one.